Emmaus Kindergarten

The Emmaus Kindergarten

The Center opened in September 2011 and initially comprises of 1 classroom, a teacher, a teaching assistant and a volunteer helper. We have 26 children in our class and the age range is 3 to 5 years of age and soon they will move onto 1st grade in a nearby State school.

The school is set in a small desert community in the Negev area, and uses the Israeli State Curriculum alongside a purpose designed English-language curriculum. Usually children are not taught English as a language until the 3rd grade but we teach our pupils from their first year in the kindergarten in order to maximize their educational experiences for later life.

We believe in learning through play and that learning should be fun. We also believe that children learn best when they are healthy, happy and feel safe and loved by the adults around them. The theme of personal, social and emotional development is heavily emphasized for these young children as healthy self esteem and good social skills enable children to feel confident and able to relate well to the adults and children around them.

Our aims and values

As an Education Center, we aim to promote values of:











School aims

The Emmaus Education Project is committed to:

  • Inspiring children, staff, parents and the community in the active pursuit of learning.
  • Developing pupils academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • Creating a learning environment that is stimulating, safe and caring.
  • Providing for children’s individual needs.
  • Developing happy, enthusiastic and responsible children who care for each other.

In addition to the above, and in compliance with the Israeli State curriculum, it is also the aim of the Emmaus Education Project to:

  • Create a stimulating and challenging learning environment.
  • Continually strive for improvement, working together towards common goals.