About Us

Who We Are

Barnabas Israel is a ministry of Barnabas Fellowship of Churches International (BFoC), a network of Christian churches and projects that operates in a number of nations. Barnabas Israel is a non-profit organisation which is recognised as an amuta by the Israeli authorities; it is funded mainly by Christian churches and individuals. It exists to provide aid to Bedouin people in the Negev Desert in Israel.

Our Beginnings

Around a decade ago a door opened to establish a kindergarten in an unrecognised Bedouin village in the Negev. This began as a project to provide educational support for young children but since 2013 the focus has broadened to include work aimed at helping families. This change of focus was a consequence of building trust with the tribe and getting to know some of the families personally. As a result of these strengthening relationships we then decided that our primary focus should be to help the pillars of the family: the women, who are often neglected and wounded. The pioneer project amongst them has been to offer Hebrew, Arabic and English lessons, with the assistance of local government. Our aim with these ladies is to offer opportunities to develop their self-worth.

Our Vision

“Our aim is to inspire hope and a future amongst unreached Bedouin groups in the Negev, Israel, by manifesting the light and love of God.”

Meet The Team

The ministry of Barnabas Israel is carried out by a multicultural team of volunteers, comprising local Israeli citizens, foreign workers and shorter term volunteers. Fuelled by divine passion for this people group the team has come together to serve and meet the needs of many Bedouin families.



Brian is Chairman of the Barnabas Israel amuta and manages the project on behalf of BFoC, of which he is a leader.



Polly is a Project founder and Board Member; she has been involved in various organisations that deliver personal care to needy people groups in Israel.



Yoyakim is a Project founder, Trustee and Staff member; he is currently running the youth project and is a key voice in decision-making for the amuta.

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Sarah is our Project Manager and a Trustee; she runs the project, overseeing staff as well as dealing with the overall administration of the amuta.


Kelly and Yaron

Kelly and Yaron: Staff members, reaching out with divine love to a Bedouin tribe around Ramat Negev area.  Kelly is also involved with Barnabas’s communcation and media.