Barnabas Israel runs several focused projects that seek to serve different family member groups:

Emmaus Center

after-school club for younger children

The Emmaus Center is an after-school study centre, located in the heart of the Bedouin village, where children from the ages of 6 to 12 are tutored each week. They are told educational stories to help teach them values that will aid them with their character building and social skills.

Flowers of the desert

serving Bedouin women

This initiative is geared towards the women of the tribe who attend our warehouse centre regularly. By offering a series of lessons with inspirational values the team invests time in helping neglected women to be empowered, valued and encouraged. The ladies’ practical and creative skills are also developed through arts and crafts. The message of God’s love for them is regularly communicated.

Living water

education projects, in co-operation with the local council

Barnabas Israel partners with local authorities in educational programmes to train women with basic skills that will help them gain independence and raise their self-esteem

Bedouin youth

training teenagers

Through dynamic games and educational activities a group of bedouin teenagers between 14 and 19 years old are trained and nurtured in values that will help them raise their life standards as well as improve their life standards breaking out of limiting mindsets as well as enhancing their aspirations.

Humanitarian Aid

practical support to families in need

Through joint efforts with various local and international NGO’s, families in need are provided with food and clothing on a regular basis. This also offers an opportunity to visit families and offer support during any times of trouble.

Sde Boker team

befriending and supporting Bedouin families

Yaron and Kelly from the Negev area of Sde Boker have ben partnering with Barnabas since 2018. They are building relationships with local Bedouin in the Ramat HaNegev area, teaching in local schools and aiding students to fulfil their potential and raise their aspirations.