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Barnaba Israel brings hope and healing to vulnerable Bedouins and Sudanese Refugees. We aim at the pain in our communities and invite you to join us. 

To inspire hope and a future manifesting the light and love of Jesus.

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Bedouins Ministry

They used to be nomadic decades ago, shepherding sheep, and camels. Today, they make their living, mostly, through simple jobs. Women are mostly at home with their children.
It is one of the fastest growing people groups in the world, doubling their numbers every 13 years. There's a lot of poverty there. The social structure is very hierarchical, and there's much abuse of power when women are considered very low on the list.

Sudanese Refugees

Back in the mid-2000s, there was a wave of refugees fleeing into Israel from Sudan through Egypt. Many of them had already moved back to Sudan when South Sudan became independent. Those that stayed in Arad are mostly from areas that are situated in the Republic of Sudan. They cannot go back, as Israel is considered an enemy country. The Lord gave us the ability to get to know them and help them from their very beginning in Israel.
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