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Back in the early years of 2000, there were Sudanese refugees that had fled from the war in Sudan, Africa, through Egypt, and into Israel. Most of the families that came were from Christian backgrounds, and when some of them arrived in our town, Arad, they found the believers here. Since then, we’ve been in touch with these families. They have no permanent status in Israel; they have limited rights and very basic medical help.

The conditions in which they live aren’t easy at all, and the parents need to spend many hours at work.
There are also major cultural differences between Israel and Sudan that are another obstacle they need to face. Adding to this is the uncertainty surrounding their residential status, which causes much stress among the Sudanese families who had to flee their warzone homeland to a more peaceful place.

Our Mission 


Bible club activities (which include meals, games, Bible lessons, and crafts) on a regular weekly basis for different age groups. They are hearing the gospel and learning about Jesus.


On Saturdays, we have an assembly to which all are invited, but it is usually only the youth and children that attend. This is basically a Kehila or church that is forming from these young ones.

Medical Help

They don't have the same regular health insurance as the rest of us Israelis, so we help them in this area, which is mostly dental care.


Riding horses

Riding Horse Barnaba Israel

Playing Games

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Exploring the Forest

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Trips to the Sea

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Hiking in Sde Boker

exploring the desert Barnaba Israel

Hiking in the Desert

Hiking Sudanese Barnaba Israel

Teaching Guitar

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