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The Bedouin in Israel are a grouping of nomadic tribes that are spread throughout the Negev desert. However, due to various factors such as modernization, and government policies, many Bedouin communities in Israel have transitioned from their traditional nomadic lifestyle to a more settled existence in towns and villages. Those who live in unauthorized, illegal villages have temporary homes that are no more than tin shacks. The poverty is endless. Those are the people to whom we are reaching out.

The Bedouin society is traditionally divided into tribes and heavily based on the father of the enlarged family, to which they adhere.
Their culture and religion are Islamic.
Our main focus is on a tribe outside Arad and in the Ramat HaNegev area.


Our Mission 

We seek to reach out and build relationships.

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During our visits, we hope to show them God’s love while also aiding in education and concentrating on relationship building.

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Deliver food boxes to the needy

We are providing food, clothing, shoes, and other very necessary things.

This also offers an opportunity to support during times of trouble.

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Hebrew lessons  

Give Hebrew lessons and other fun activities to the youth. Their knowledge of Hebrew and English is so limited.

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Youth and the women

We organize different activities, like a woman's spa or going on a trip with the youth and many more activities.

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Translations Program

We are translating and recording the Bible with the Bedouins into an audio Bible in their own dialect.

The activities are being held at the center/ institute that we have in Arad. We pick them up from the village. Just getting out of the village is, by itself, a very special occasion for them.

It is a long-term ministry that builds trust. Many of our visits end with us praying for their needs.

Praise the Lord; we see Him in action among them.

Our Activities 

Barnaba Israel Bedouin

Walking in the Wadi 

Our Vision

We have plans to expand the use of our facilities

New Center 

We rented the extra area next door to our already existing warehouse. We plan to optimize the space and equipment to ensure that we are utilizing them to their full potential, allowing us to increase our production capacity and meet the growing demand for the ministry.

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